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We have several plot sizes to suit most people, ranging from 5 - 80 poles these are all suitable for growing fruit and veg and a larger plot will have plenty of room for chickens, a greenhouse or shed and a space to relax too.

Understanding Allotment sizes

What is a Pole?


Here at Cornwall Allotments we measure our plots in poles.


Traditionally allotments are measured in poles, rods or perches, this is an old-fashioned measurement of length which takes its name from  – the length of an ox-goad (Which was the prodding stick used in medieval times to make your oxen team go faster. ). To confuse things further a Pole is a square measurement, so one pole, perch or rod measures approx. 16.5 x 16.5 feet .


During WW2 in the famous 'Dig For Victory' campaign 10 Pole allotments were considered enough land to feed a family of four, making them self sufficient in meat from Poultry, fruit and vegetables. Nowadays we expect more variety in our diets though it is still possible to be pretty well self sufficient with a lot of work.

​Plot Sizes 


Our plots are available in several different sizes from 5 poles (see 'understanding allotment sizes) which is 30 x 45 feet right up to a large 1/4 acre plot sizes, generally speaking most of our plots are 10 poles, which is 30 x 90 feet or in a few places a different measurement but the same area, nothing in nature is square including our fields so we had to jiggle the measurements about in a few places to get the plots in! 


Grow your own vegetables​


Our soil is rich and deep, from years of dairy farming and liberal amounts of manure perfect for growing bumper crops of fresh vegetables for yourselves and your family. 


Fresh fruit for your family


Fruit bushes such as currants, gooseberries and raspberries yield excellent crops for a sweet treat.


Home made jams and cordials


Lovely fresh produce to create  home made preserves  and chutneys

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